Scott Turner Schofield Webinars & Coaching

To book a live webinar, contact Maggie Dickson.

To book a coaching session, contact Scott.

Live webinars available:

Trans 101
A guide through the sticky parts of our labels, from the gender identity that everyone possesses to the most specific identities imaginable, through the intersecting factors of race, class, religion, ability, and more. Specializations available.

Trans & Nonbinary in the Workplace
Who are these people, What do/will they need, and How can they be served? Includes: skills for Human Resources Professionals; transforming existing policies; training for enhancing employee experiences; in-depth discussion of State and Federal law compliance.

Transgender & Nonbinary Student Life
If you can make your campus safe and inclusive for a transgender or nonbinary student, it’s likely going to be a safe and inclusive campus for every student. Here’s how.


Personal Coaching

Not every gender situation necessitates the professional expertise of a psychologist: sometimes resources, encouragement, and creative problem solving rooted in broad and deep experiences will help you take empowering action to transform your life beyond transition. Transgender and nonbinary individuals aged 16 and up, and their families, will find a trained and knowledgeable support – in addition to or a as a compliment to psychotherapy. Areas of specialty include:

  • Transitioning – gender and beyond
  • Transitioning for families
  • Teens and transition
  • Supporting your child’s gender expression
  • Gender self esteem

Professional Coaching

Specialties include:

  • Establishing a career as a social issues entrepreneur
  • Succeeding as a professional public speaker
  • Creating, promoting, and touring your one person show
  • The entertainment industry for transgender and nonbinary actors
  • Money management for the self-employed

Prerecorded webinars available:

(coming soon!)