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 Scott Turner Schofield as Robin in  The Conductor

Scott Turner Schofield as Robin in The Conductor

The Conductor

I spent the fall of 2017 in The Netherlands, playing the supporting role of Robin in The Conductor, written & directed by Maria Peters. 

It's a biopic about the first female orchestra conductor, Antonia Brico, set in 1920s-30s New York. I play her best friend, a jazz musician who reveals that he is transgender in manner that makes film history.  

It was the role of a lifetime from an acting perspective; I found out I was made to play the 20s; and I also got to show off playing piano and double bass.

Maria Peters went on an artistic journey to choose a transgender actor for this role. She first auditioned female actors, hoping for an Alfred Nobbs look, however she didn't find it. A male actor also taped for the role, but was not experienced as authentic.

  • $8MM, highest funded film in The Netherlands for 2017.
  • Shooting Star Productions
  • Currently, worldwide release in Nov. 2018;
    this may change if selected to premiere at the Berlin Film Festival in early 2019.

Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps

Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps is an original, award-winning one man show that has toured the US and Europe to critical acclaim since 2007.  It was commissioned by the National Performance Network and the Princess Grace Foundation; tried and tested, it has sold out major venues such as Miami's Carnival Center and the National Theatre of Belgium, and more. 127 different stories (30secs-8mins long), ranging well beyond the traditional "transition" narrative of transgender stories, make the piece. In the live show,8-10 stories are chosen at random for a "Choose Your Own Adventure" style performance that changes every single show. 

Transgender men are all but invisible in the media, so there is a need for this story.  Along with transgender producer Andrea James (TransAmerican Love Story, Transamerica, Showtime's Baby Daddy), the work is becoming a multi-media, trans-genre epic.

  • 27 short films anthologized as a 110 minute feature film 
  • 27 stories as webisodes
    • each short ranges in subject, length, and tone, but also in genre: concert film, mockumentary, experimental, animation, etc.

The current concept is to invite audiences to a web platform where they can choose any story in any order, like this (borrowed for conceptual purposes from The Legend of Zelda) -- click on hearts inside green circle for media examples: 

  • The goal, if we find the right partners and funding, is to adapt all the stories as a streamable video series.
  • Until and unless that happens, when the feature film and initial webisodes are released, the remaining stories will be linked via this platform to be read on a blog, or listened to on a podcast.

We are currently fundraising ($120k so far this year) and also seeking producing partners/distributors to create a Choose Your Own Adventure entertainment experience that has never been seen before. 



Transmute (2017) was a USC Film School short film written and directed by Star Victoria. I starred as Chris, who was alienated by his mother, and transitioned from female to male without her knowledge. His mother learns that she has terminal cancer, and Chris must return to North Carolina to forgive her. 

  • Selected for over a dozen film festivals, including Hollyshorts and NewFest
    (where it opened for one of the marquee movies).
  • Shoreline Entertainment made an offer, but USC Film School prohibits sales.


  I Am My Own Wife  ensemble,

I Am My Own Wife ensemble,

I Am My Own Wife

I Am My Own Wife, was the one-woman, 35-character play about a transgender woman, Charlotte Von Mahlsdorf, who survived the Nazis and the Stasi. Written by Doug Wright and starring Jefferson Mays, it opened on Broadway in 2003 and won both the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the Tony for Best Play and Best Actor in 2004.  It was a national phenomenon at a time when transgender issues had no place in the national dialogue. Yet, even with the accolades and praise, it disappeared from the cultural consciousness as quickly as it had come. 

Over a decade later, I Am My Own Wife is making a comeback and, this time, it’s back with a transgender tour de force.  Directed by Danny Gordon, the new staged reading transformed into an all-trans ensemble piece with Rain Valdez, Jacob Tobia, Jason Greene and myself in a one-night-only production at the Renberg Theatre.

  • Currently being shopped for production in LA and NYC; I am attached. 
  • From this reading, I was offered roles in two productions: one at REDCAT in June, and one at Center Theatre Group in July. 


I want to write for TV to honor my community, and disarm people a bit so they can become conscious, and then educated, and then involved in the conversation that transgender and nonbinary people incite just by existing. I write with a sexy/dysfunctional made-for-cable bluntness, but also with an educational warmth that invites mainstream audiences to open up and learn. I go deep on gender and sexuality; major life transitions; being Southern - from Texas farm towns to Carolina debutante balls; politics, from Congress to the bedroom; family and cultural alienation; and the deeper meanings in entertainment. I'm published in various ways as a playwright, essayist, and educator, and looking for a literary agent to represent all I have to offer.


Manager: Mara Santino, Luber Roklin Entertainment