AP: Transgender Hollywood seeks recognition, and not just roles


NEW YORK (AP) — When actress Scarlett Johansson reversed course recently and canceled plans to play a transgender man in the film "Rub & Tug," transgender actors like Scott Turner Schofield were gratified — and pleasantly surprised. After years of watching non-trans stars win accolades — including Oscars — for what was seen as bravery in playing transgender characters, finally it seemed that somebody got it.

"To have someone with any amount of power be reflective, and say, 'I did something wrong, I learned something and I'm sorry' — that absolutely feels like change," says Schofield, a veteran trans performer who stars in the upcoming European film "The Conductor."


Time Out NYC Editor's Pick: Fancy That

Time Out NYC Editor's Pick: Fancy That

"For those who don't know Dixie, the debutante ball is an annual Old South tradition... For the debs, this ritual is called "coming out," and the joke is not lost on Schofield. His solo piece Debutante Balls—which he performs twice this week at the Cherry Lane Theater as part of the queercentric Fresh Fruit Festival—pokes fun at the similarities between his time in cotillion culture and his journey within the realm of gender politics."